A fine wine merchant, we're passionate about what we do.

French fine wines directly from the source.

The market for fine wines has entered the financial sphere, and is often disconnected from its roots at the vineyards.

Vinoptimo is located in France.
For a négociant in exceptional wines, maintaining contact with the winemaker is paramount.

Aurélien Grevet, founder and driving force behind Vinoptimo, preciously guards this link to the vine and the winemakers who, through their passion and patience, produce exceptional bottles.

We take these relationships very seriously!

Why Vinoptimo?

Vinoptimo is the link between logic and passion, between the terroir and the market of fine wine connoisseurs.

“Working in international markets, I can never forget the financial value attached to exceptional wines, yet what motivates me will always be the tasting, the sharing, the pleasure – those unique moments only fine wine can offer.” Aurélien Grevet

Your satisfaction is our primary goal:


Ready-to-drink wines and vins de garde for aging


Quality wines & reasonable prices

Made possible thanks to a flexible, “agile” organization.

Impeccable service, turnaround time, transport, etc.

Our team of professionals

To best serve you, the Vinoptimo team relies on a powerful approach.

  • Expertise in fine wine and tasting
  • Knowledge of French winemakers and their vineyards
  • Sharing the expectations of fine wine enthusiasts
  • A team well-versed in the international wine trade and its speculative practices