Sell your wine safely.

Wines are living, not eternal.

Connoisseur, collector

Your passion for wine has led you to amass a large number of bottles in your cellar.
You will not be able to drink them all before their quality declines.

Optimize your cellar.

Some wines have fetched astronomical prices in recent years.
You no longer see the advantage of consuming them.
You would like to sell them to acquire some rising stars that are still relatively secret.

Finance a project or an unexpected event.

Prices for fine wines have soared in recent years, and some cellars are now highly valued. Selling some or all of your wines could provide you the funds necessary to finance a project or make up for an unexpected shortage.

Vintages from children's birth years

You have only consumed some of these wines.
In the meantime, grandchildren have arrived or are on their way, and you need to renew some of these cases.

An inheritance

You’ve inherited a wine enthusiast’s cellar.
You’d like to understand how this collection of fine wines is structured to get the most out of it.


Quick quote

Fair price

Secure payment

Discreet transaction

Sell you wine; your cellar is not a stock of inert products.

Quality changes constantly.

Use our expertise to optimize your cellar or transform your wines into cash.

Your wines may interest our French and international clients
who are in search of fine wines to drink or collect.

Selling wine has never been easier.


Rapid, confidential evaluation

Our expertise in the market for fine wines allows us to rapidly assess the value of the wines you would like to sell. We make you a firm offer, unlike an auction house which offers a simple estimate.

This of course involves no commitment on your part.


Fair price - no intermediary fees

At an auction, the buyer pays 20 to 25% more than the hammer price in fees. You, the seller, receive only 80 or 90% of the contract price. For example, a bottle sold for €125 to Vinoptimo would get you only €80 at an auction.

Secure payment

Payment is made by check at pickup or delivery of the wines after a quality control of the bottles – solvency verifiable by your bank or at our agency. For large transactions, we can pay by bank check following prior verification of the wines.

We answer within 48 hours. Our offers are firm and are valid for one week.

The Vinoptimo Pro online service – up-to-date information at all times

Inventory list updated daily.

Complete transparency in prices.

Free download of inventory & price lists.

I’d like to download the list of fine wines available.