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Perfectly matured vintages and our special selection of favorites.

* To discover the fine wines we have available in stock, download the list. * To discover the fine wines we have available in stock, download the list. * To discover the fine wines we have available in stock, download the list.

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Fine wines and wines that marry perfectly with your cuisine.

Fine wines that are ready to serve, a special selection of our favorites to transcend your culinary creations,
an original pairing that will delight your guests.

Stray from the beaten path.

Your choice of wines is guided by your creations.
Personality, finesse, balance and complexity.
You are looking for exceptional fine wines that are ready to serve.
You’d like to share our selection of favorites with your guests.

Endless possibilities for your wine list

Skip the fleeting trends.

Wine is a product of the soil, of the terroir. Its authenticity is what allows a wine to be in perfect harmony – either by its contrast or in its similarity – with the flavors, structures and textures of your cuisine.

Vintages that are ready to drink.

Legendary fine wines are the soul of our business. We acquire them with the utmost vigilance when it comes to authenticity and traceability..

Our favorites, a carefully guarded secret.

The bottles we discover hold within them the story of both a wine and a producer. The winemaker speaks through his wines and tells the story of his land.

Trapet Chambertin 2008 - VinoptimoChave H 1995 - VinoptimoDauvissat Forest 2009 - Vinoptimo

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A policy of fair prices thanks to limited structural costs and tight margins.
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All wines offered online are physically present in our inventories in the cellars of Crayères des Montquartiers..

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Our cellar in Crayères des Montquartiers is just a stone’s throw from Paris.
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For those not in the area, we do what is necessary to deliver in the blink of an eye!


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Wine is living, not eternal.

Is it time?

Some bottles may not be consumed before their decline.

How much is it worth?

Fine wines are now valued at exceptional prices that require restaurants to stock them sparingly.

Want something new?

You’d like to rebalance your cellar with appellations you don’t yet have.

You’d like your cellar to finance itself.

In the interest of sound management, the proceeds from the sale will be reinvested in fine wines that are ready to drink, in your favorite bottles and in rising stars..

Your fine wines may interest our French and international clients.

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Inventory list updated daily.

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Wine tastings, the opportunity to get to know us.

We carefully select wines for tastings either at the vineyards or in Paris. These moments are an opportunity to meet our teams, and for us to get to know you and your creations and to better understand your expectations..

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