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Champagne – big names and small producers

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Offer champagne, and experience the pleasure of giving.

Allow champagne to add a touch of elegance to your event, contract signing, product launch or holiday season.

Associate your image with a prestigious brand.

Share the pleasure of sipping fine champagne with your clients or team.

Surprise a champagne connoisseur with a special discovery.

Which champagne should I buy?

Champagne is a wine for celebrations, parties and gifts.

Buying champagne means choosing a brand, a vintage, a year, a color – white or rosé -, and a level of sweetness – brut, doux or demi-sec.
We advise you from among a range of choices selected for your event.

The biggest names in Champagne.

Krug, Cristal Roederer, Dom Pérignon, Ruinart, Billecart Salmon … the ambassadors of your brand image.

Alongside truly remarkable small-scale producers.

Champagne is also the opportunity to discover small wineries that produce exceptional bottles.


Champagne is a wine for celebrations, parties and gifts

Personalized support every step of the way to create a special event that remains within your budget.

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Reasonable rates

A policy of fair prices thanks to limited structural costs and tight margins.
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What is your budget for Champagne?

15 €
25 €
60 €
120 €

from 15 euros

Modest prices

Receive excellent, reasonably-priced wines that add a touch of refinement to your receptions.

from 25 to 40 euros

A prestige brand

High quality wines from celebrated producers that are household names and references in the market.
Astound connoisseurs!

from 60 to 120 euros

A big thank you

Champagne’s finest
Your recipient will appreciate the thought and attention.

over 120 euros

An exceptional gift

Legendary names and cuvées.
A special someone deserves an extraordinary gift.

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I’ll download the list of champagne prices in PDF format

Our service … friendly and responsive

Immediate availability

The wines are physically present in our inventories in Crayères des Montquartiers.

Champagne – We keep a buffer stock of champagne in our cellar in Crayères des Montquartiers at all times. For large orders, our close relationship with producers allows us to deliver rapidly.

Express delivery

Our cellar in Crayères des Montquartiers, just a stone’s throw from Paris, makes pickup and delivery to customers in the Paris region a breeze.
We offer express, individual delivery in France and abroad.


We answer your questions
within 24 hours.

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Offer red or white wines.

We’ll walk you through our lists of wines and help you choose a unique gift.

Fine wines that are ready to drink.

Fine wines that are ready to drink.

Instant gratification.
We acquire these legendary vintages
with the utmost attention to
authenticity and traceability.

Carefully guarded secrets

Carefully guarded secrets

Bordeaux, Burgundy, the Rhone Valley, Alsace –
These regions offer a wealth of opportunities
to discover producers of truly exceptional wine.

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I’ll download the .pdf file.

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Inventory list updated daily.

Complete transparency in prices.

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